Syahirah, ♥ (polaroidsho_ts) wrote in smokingskies,
Syahirah, ♥

→moved: crushmic★

moved → crushsmic

moving to a fresh start; i'm hoping to be able to keep crushsmic  active and updates there frequent . to all of smokingskies ' members, thank you for your support thus far. feel free to follow me over @ crushsmic . (first post has been up already! :3) currently i haven't been able to contact Chloe (graveyardgrin ). i'm not sure if she wants to keep smokingskies  open, but i'm pretty sure that she'll be posting at doomedfor  anyway. please continue to support her there as well, and thank you for enjoying our works all this while! 8D

(ps, all of my earlier entries have been re-opened to public)
Tags: #mod-post
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